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I was trying to burn cds using burncd. When I try to blank using
`burncd -f /dev/acd0 blank', it hangs forever until I interrupt.
And when I burn data in verbose mode it outputs message saying cd
burnt successfully:

addr = 0 size = 372736 blocks = 182
writing from file 7.0-CURRENT-200704-i386-disc2.iso size 364 KB
written this track 364 KB (100%) total 364 KB

but when I try to mount the cd later, I'm unable to do it and the
Input/Output error is thrown. Is there anything I'm missing? Is there
any other way to burn the cd other than using cdrecord.

You need to use fixate:
fixate        Fixate the medium so that the TOC is generated and the
                  media can be used in an ordinary CD drive.  The driver
                  defaults to creating singlesession media (see -m option).
                  Ignored in DAO mode (see -d option).

burncd -ef /dev/acd0 data /home/user/cd.iso fixate

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