Hi all

I am trying to mount in my FreeBSD 6,2 box disk that are on a SCO System V
Openserver release 5

In SCO it says that the disks filsystem is HTFS.

If i try to mount from Fbsd says that "there is not external program for
this filesystem".

What I try is to mount them in order to backup there files.

Can I do something to mount them UNIX<->UNIX?

I have tried to mounting with mount_smbfs because the files are in a Samba
share, but when i use cp to backup files to my Fsbd box i get many page
errors and timeout. So i dont trust mount_smbfs too much.

A solution for this?

My actual solution is to Samba share the two box and use a MS Windows with
a program i did to do the copy, but i think UNIX will be faster, also will
be less network traffic.

Thanks in advance

Juan Coruña
Desarrollo de Software Atlantico

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