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so nobody on this list knows anything about raid?
wrong list?

> hi all..
> i have a box in a remote hosting facility that claims that the machine has > two discs raided in it but df and fstab show only one disc with a bunch of
> slices.
> under devices there is another name - ad6 - but it's not mounted anywhere.
> the one i see both in df and the fstab is ad4 with one big slice and
> different partitions....
> they insist there are 2 raided discs in tha machine. the os is 5.4 and i > think at that point the raid drivers were still considered 'experimental'.
> it makes sense to me that if i don't see a second drive in the fstab there
> isn;t any mounting which means that there is no raid going on...
> is there any other way i can make sure if raid is actually on?
> would there will be any logs somewhere?
> the machine has been up for about 2 years and the dmesg is long gone...
> thanks.....

Lots of people here know plenty about RAID,
but you don't provide very much information.

If dmesg itself returns none of the startup info,
you can look in /var/log/dmesg.[today|yesterday].

/usr/sbin/pciconf can tell you what controller(s)
may be attached.

A proper RAID will show up as a single device,
just like any hard drive (but different).

It does seem odd to me that a (supposed) RAID
would show up as /dev/ad4.

Your RAID really is on /dev/ad4 and /dev/ad6 is
something unexplained.
Your RAID controller is unsupported in 5.x and
not Doing The Right Thing but somehow still (kind
of) working as a normal [S]ATA controller.
Your RAID controller is unsupported in 5.x and
your hosting company realised this and wired
the shebang up as a normal [S]ATA controller
because they couldn't get FreeBSD to install
There is a RAID controller and there are two disks
connected to it, but the controller was not set up
There is a RAID controller and there are two disks
connected to some other controller which might lead
to some interesting phone calls.
Your remote hosting company put a RAID with two
disks in some random machine and someone else
is complaining on some other list about the inverse
of your problem.

Also what type of RAID? If it's Hardware RAID _and_ it's using a 3ware card, you can install tw_cli from /usr/ports/sysutils. It's a nice little utility and will show you the status of your units/ports/drives and how many drives you have on that controller.

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