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At 05:30 AM 5/24/2007, kalin mintchev wrote:

>so nobody on this list knows anything about raid?
>wrong list?
> > hi all..
> >
> > i have a box in a remote hosting facility that claims that the machine has
> > two discs raided in it but df and fstab show only one disc with a bunch of
> > slices.
> > under devices there is another name - ad6 - but it's not mounted anywhere.
> > the one i see both in df and the fstab is ad4 with one big slice and
> > different partitions....
> >
> > they insist there are 2 raided discs in tha machine. the os is 5.4 and i
> > think at that point the raid drivers were still considered 'experimental'.
> >
> > it makes sense to me that if i don't see a second drive in the fstab there
> > isn;t any mounting which means that there is no raid going on...
> >
> > is there any other way i can make sure if raid is actually on?
> > would there will be any logs somewhere?
> > the machine has been up for about 2 years and the dmesg is long gone...
> >
> > thanks.....
> >
> >

It is likely a hardware raid setup in the hardware BEFORE FreeBSD was
installed.  In this type of setup the RAID array just looks like a regular
hard disk to the OS.

Now I'm curious: are there RAID controllers that FreeBSD
just sees as a [S]ATA controller with a [S]ATA disk attached?

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