Is it possible to use gmirror for a small partition on two disks and then
use gstripe on the remaining disk space of those drives to create a larger

I didn't think that was possible.  I could be wrong however :).

If that will work, that would be my best option right there.

> On Thursday 24 May 2007 12:43:36 pm [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Is it possible to use gvinum to create a striped array that contains the
>> root partition?  I want to be able to combine all 4 of the hard disks
>> into
>> one logical striped array and install the boot partition on it.  I have
>> found documentation on how to mirror the root drive, but none on using a
>> striped array for the root drive.
>> Is this possible?
> Not without hardware support, no.
> I would create a small (1-2 GB) root partition one two or more of the
> drives
> and mirror it with gmirror (or not.. you must not care about fault
> tolerance
> if you're setting up a giant stripe). You could maybe use the same 1-2GB
> on
> the other drives for swap or tmp space (optionally mirrored as well). Then
> use the rest of the space on all the drives for your stripe array. I'd
> recommend gstripe over gvinum for ease-of-use, but it's up to you.
> JN

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