Janos Dohanics wrote:
I'm using imapsync to transfer maildirs to a new server. One of the
mailboxes is about 4.7 GB. While into the syncing to about 3 GB,
imapsync quits with this message:

while processing LITERAL
Read: * 5330 FETCH (UID 5337 BODY[] )
12835 OK Fetch completed.

Out of memory during request for 80 bytes, total sbrk() is 536813568

I'm running imapsync on the target system, which is FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE
with 1 GB RAM.

I'm wondering if I could adjust some resource settings to let the
imapsync job finish?
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I forgot to say you probably need more RAM as well, at least I did. We are running a nightly imapsync run and the problem did not go away until we had 3GB.

Good luck,

Per olof
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