If there is a gnome-questions list for FBSD, I'll redirect threr.
        It's just that after years with CTMW (and a seriously great/fast
        server), I'm switching to gnome or xfce.  One thing that I've
        noticed with zsh  is that when I <uparrow> to add to or vi-edit a
        command, under Gnome, the cursor is at the left-hand-side of the
        cmd line.  So if I were to pipe the cmd thru more, for example,
        I'v got to reach up, hit ESC and then arrow rightward until I
        come to the end of the command.  Is there an easy fix for this?
        Using CTWM the cursor is already on the RHS.

        Second question: how can I make the digital time on the bar/panel
        *larger*?  I'm not blind; just that the typefface is hard to read
        until I get close to the tube.




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