Zbigniew Szalbot wrote:

What options do I have of using a network storage device such as Buffalo
TeraStation? I can access it from Windows via network share or via FTP
protocol. How can I access this device from FreeBSD? TeraStation is on the
same LAN as FBSD machine. I would like to use TeraStation for backup
purposes as the drives there can hold lots of data. I know I can use FTP
but then how would you go about backup? Do backups on the local FBSD drive
and then have some kind of script/software (what kind of?) to copy it via
FTP to TeraStation?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi.  Yes you can automate ftp transactions.
Here is one article: http://www.quepublishing.com/articles/printerfriendly.asp?p=170517&rl=1 I only skimmed that article, but it looks good. A google search is sure to turn up more.

I would suggestion against ftp if possible. Scp (or "sftp") is cp/ftp over a "secure" (SSH) connection which allows for encrypt of passwords and/or files. This too can be automated - provided that your network storage device allows SSH connections.

Also - using smbmount or smbclient (part of the samba package/port); you can use these to access the "Windows" share on the network storage device. If I remember correctly though, the Windows protocol doesn't encrypt the information, which is as bad as ftp - since the hackers can steal all your passwords, information and files!


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