Willie Viljoen wrote:
Some friendly corrections, sorry Bill :-)
Not a problem.  I'd rather be corrected once than be wrong over and over
again.  (That's assuming I'm smart enough to remember the correction ...)

On Saturday 25 January 2003 20:55, Bill Moran wrote:
You'll get better response if you send each question as a seperate email,
with an appropriate subject line for each one.  May sound silly, but a
lot of people will delete messages with subjects like "Misc Questions"
without even reading them.
I'm with you on the subjects, but he's perfectly fine putting it in one
e-mail, multiple mails would have annoyed me more.
Well, I stated it the way I did because it's in line with this document:
which has been the rulebook on how to use questions@ for as long as I
can remember.

pura life CR wrote:

1. Where can i get the source code of the "daemon" saver? I want to know
how the logo can "jump" in the screen.
As I pointed out in my previous post, it is at

/usr/src/usr.sbin/daemon contains source for the daemon(8) utility used to
daemonize a normally non-daemon process.
My mistake.  I didn't fully pay attention to the results of my search, thus
my reply was inaccurate.

Bill Moran
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