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> Hello list!
> Is it possible to rollback a file system snapshot, i.e. restore the
> file system to the state it was in at the time a mksnap_ffs command
> was issued?

You can mount the snapshot, and then copy the files back to the original fs.
Note that cp can preserve flags, but not ACLs AFAIK.
> User scenario:
> Before a major upgrade (eg. releng->current, portupgrade -a, etc),
> it would be nice to mksnap_ffs, and then after the upgrade be able
> to either delete the snapshot if all went well, or rollback to the
> snapshot.

You should use dump(8) in this case. Create level 0 dumps of your
filesystems and store them somewhere. You can dump live filesystems with
dump's -L flag.

If you botch the upgrade, you can use restore(8) to revert your
filesystems to the situation before the upgrade.

Note that you should really make regular dumps of your filesystems as
backups anyway!

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