Daniel Molina Wegener wrote:
On Saturday 26 May 2007 21:24:58 Garrett Cooper wrote:
Daniel Molina Wegener wrote:

   How can I install -CURRENT from -STABLE and work on
-CURRENT code from -STABLE?

Simply put that's not possible to set it up and work on
-CURRENT code, if you need to test CURRENT, because the
userland and kernel get installed in the same spots.

It's much wiser to just install CURRENT and STABLE on
separate partitions / disks and work from there, if you don't
have access to virtual machines.

Thanks, now... what can I use as virtual machine?. I mean, I need something with write access to the virtual machine filesystem, to work on the -CURRENT code from -STABLE, I think that I will be losing time compiling editors (emacs) and user environments two times (Xorg, KDE, etc.).



Yes, that's unfortunately true (about having to build things twice).

Many people have had good luck with qemu, even though I haven't gotten it to work properly. Oh well, just might be me..

You should be able to setup fileserving across a virtual network though with NFS -- that should accomplish everything you want.

Just make sure to unmount the shares before turning off the virtual machine or setup amd, or your host PC will hang while it's trying to access the share!

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