It happens with every package. I am using ATT DSL with 2wire 2701HG-B > Gateway. > I have checked all my settings on the firewall and I am able to FTP into > the server and FTP out from all my other workstations on my network. > This started after I switched to ATT. I called ATT and had them check > everything and of course nothing was wrong at there end.
I think what is going on is ATT is using PPP mode DSL and is using a MTU
size less than 1500, and ICMP is blocked between you and the FTP server.
I assume you have the DSL PPP terminated on the 2wire modem?  And your
using the NAT inside of the 2wire?  If so, switch the 2wire into bridged
mode and terminate the PPPoE session on the BSD box.

The BSD box is plugged into a switch on my network. Should I still still switch the 2wire router into bridged mode?


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