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I thought I was so close, nope not yet.  I finally got my server upgraded
with no problem.  Well a few minor setbacks, but I got it done.  Of
course it won't run on my Sony 19" monitor which I have yet to figure
out, but will in due time, but my server is not of importance, because I
don't run X on it, it is just a webserver for now. My Thinkpad is a
different story, I am trying to move away from my Windows laptop and
rely on only FreeBSD so I would really like to get X up and running
again.  The file I'm attaching is a script of the mergebase.sh tool. It
listed several files that exist in both /usr/local and /usr/X11R6 and it
will not continue until I move or remove them. I don't know which ones
to remove and which ones to just move. Not too mention I did it by hand
on my server, because there was not that many.  So any help here would
be appreciated.  Is there are way I could make a script to move all
these files for me? Which I'm sure there is but my scripting skills are
beginners at best. :(   Sorry for the long post, just had to get it out.
Thanks again ahead of time!

mkdir /usr/local/oldX11
mv /usr/X11R6/* /usr/local/oldX11/

Then run mergebase.sh again. If you ever need any of the files in /usr/local/oldX11, they will still be there. If, after running for a while, you find that they are no longer needed (and you need the disc space), rm -fr the directory.

The reason the script is written that way is because the authors have no idea what you might have done in the way of altering files to fit your install, and they are not going to arbitrarily overwrite them. That's your decision as owner of the machine. Since you don't clearly understand that already, it's unlikely you have anything critical that needs to be saved, but caution dictates that you put them somewhere, just in case.

After you've done that, if you still can't run X, go to /usr/ports/x11/xorg/ and run make install clean.

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