well, after following the UPDATING directions anddd having just
        completed, X barely works.  gdm is missing, kdm fails, and xdm 
        puts me into kde.  The screen res u  is at least  1200x1600.
        there is no xorg.conf, and my notes on how to create this file
        are missing.  my scren is skewedd to the left; there's about 
        18mm of blaaaack on my right hand side.

        i'll try to re-install gnomee and make syure that other
        window mangers are there.  one prticularly annoyying thins is
        how to set backspaccce == ^Hin KDE......

        NO Complaints; tthis move ffrom 6.9 to 7.2 had to be done and
        theee ports term has done a great djob.  once i've got an
        /etc/X11/xorg, this should be on the road.  So **help***


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