A hard problem you got there.  If at least one other OS doesn't have a
problem with your hardware, then I think you're safe in assuming that
there's an OS kernel problem, whether by design or coding bug.

Theoretically, it should be reported in a formal PR where it won't get
lost, especially if you strike out on freebsd-bugs.  (I was about to
suggest that you take it to freebsd-current and/or freebsd-stable, like
I do with such problems, but on second thought, it seems like that is
what freebsd-bugs is for and -current & -stable should probably be
reserved for other things.  Nobody's complained, but I seldom get a
satisfactory resolution to tough problems like this; usually I wind
up with different hardware or software.  Hmmm.)

I can't even guess what the problem might be, but can you (or do you not
want to) work around it?  Maybe I missed something, but doesn't FreeBSD
let you specify geometry when it matters.  It usually just uses sector
numbers and it gets the size of the disks out of the disk labels.  Maybe
that's true only when not using slices and a boot loader.  For that, you
need a boot loader that can deal with your hardware, but that shouldn't
be hard, even if you can't use FreeBSD's.

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