--- "Gary W. Swearingen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I can't even guess what the problem might be, but
> can you (or do you not
> want to) work around it? 

If you read my e-mail again, you should find this:

"In the second setup, I scrounged up an ATA cable that
I knew could handle ATA66. I used this newer cable to
attach the hard drive to the motherboard, and I used
the old cable to attach the CD-ROM to the motherboard
as a secondary master. (The jumper for the CD-ROM was
moved accordingly.) In this setup, the ATA querying
problem went away, or at the very least, I could not
reproduce it (and I tried to, several times)."

So yes, I most definitely can work around the problem,
by making my CD-ROM a secondary master rather than a
primary slave. Sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

Whether I want to simply work around the problem is
another matter. I'd rather find out the cause of the
problem before working around it. I don't want to do
some voodoo that just happens to make FreeBSD work
only to find that something I do later (i.e. add a
hard drive, change the CD-ROM) undoes the voodoo and
causes things to mysteriously fail again.

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