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Roland Smith wrote:
> On Mon, May 28, 2007 at 05:15:19PM +1000, Ian Smith wrote:
>> I share Roland's concern about the reliability of any new code designed
>> to accomplish the 'full rollback' desired, but of course anything would
>> have to undergo incredibly rigorous testing before it would be allowed
>> anywhere near even -CURRENT I'm sure, same as softupdates/snapshots has. 
>> That said, I think it is worthwhile finding out whether this is even
>> possible with the amount of data and metadata saved in snapshots to
>> accomplish their existing utility (which I still find pretty awesome,
>> and despite re-reading that section again several times, mysterious ..)
> It should be possible. All the data that is needed is there. But I do
> think it will be definitely non-trivial. 
> For one thing, you'll have to block all other changes from userland to
> the target filesystem while restoring the snapshot. And you'll have to
> update other snapshots as well. Seems like a big can of worms to me.

I was thinking this should be done while the fs is umounted. As I
suggested: 1. umount 2. snap_rollback <snapshot-id> and 3. mount.

        Svein Halvor
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