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> Subject: Re: probe my HDD
> Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 21:30:23 +0700
> firstly I use FreeBSD 4.7 everything fine..,then I try to use freeBSD 6.2,when
> I try to install I got message "Disk not found!.....", how to probe hardware
> manually in freeBSD 6.2 ?,my spesification hardware:
> CPU:intel P4 2.0
> MB : Asus P4P8X
> HDD :Samsung 160 Gb
> ...
>  please help me,I just newbie

Hi Erik,
please reply to all, including the list, so others can help as well.

hardware gets probed automatically..i can't imagine what would work with 4.7
and not with the 6 series (it's usually the other way around for me).
I would take note of what is the name of the HD in 4.7 (ad0 , i imagine) and
then let 6. know..

btw, have you read the handbook ? it's the best place to start if you are a
newbie. You can find it in freebsd.org

good luck,
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