In the last episode (May 28), perikillo said:
>    I'm running bacula 1.38.11 with one tape storage-works 232 200Gb.
>  But i start to get some errors about "Tape Full" like this:
>  28-May 04:30 bacula-dir: Start Backup JobId 1409, 
> Job=MBXDBA-FD.2007-05-28_04.30.00
>  28-May 06:18 bacula-sd: End of Volume "FullTape-0009" at 184:1 on device 
> "StorageWorks-232" (/dev/nsa0). Write of 64512 bytes got 0.
>  28-May 06:18 bacula-sd: End of medium on Volume "FullTape-0009" 
> Bytes=177,755,370,128 Blocks=2,755,390 at 28-May-2007 06:18.
>  28-May 06:19 bacula-dir: There are no Jobs associated with Volume 
> "FullTape-0010". Marking it purged.
>  28-May 06:19 bacula-dir: Recycled volume "FullTape-0010"
>   Them, he says that my tape is full, but calculating all clients, is
>  about 181GB, them why hi say that my tape is full?
>   This is the reason i want to test my tape first, to see if the
>  problem is freebsd or bacula. Hope you could point how to fill my
>  tape with freebsd and see how much data can i write to my tape.

An HP StorageWorks 232 is an LTO-1 drive, which has 100GB native
capacity.  The advertised 200GB capacity is with a 2:1 compression

If you can only put 181GB of data on the tape, that just means you have
some files that don't compress very well (gif/jpg images, gzipped
files, etc).  You should only get worried if your tape fills up after
less than 100GB :)

        Dan Nelson
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