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Hi all

I was trying to connect to my FreeBSD 6.2 box with SSH with PUTTY by
several days with the user "root" and nothing happens, only a denied
password from FBSD, and a timeout close connection.

But, a flash came to my mind ;D and then I tried to connect by a different
user and... "voila", ssh connections came alive !!..

My question is: if root user is locked to connect by ssh (I think it maybe
logic, but..)

If it is so, how can I make an user that has same priviliges as root (I
beg your pardon for this newbie question...) I think that wheel group is
ok but what more?..

The think is that I need to connect to my FBSD box from outside the office
in a secure manner and control it,... well, surely you know this ;D

Thanks in advance

"The more I learn FreeBSD, the more I love it"

Juan Coruña
Desarrollo de Software Atlantico


You can create a user and add the user into the wheel in /etc/group

It's not recommended to ssh to the box using root, use su after you
log to the shell.

If you are insist to ssh as root which is disabled by default in
sshd_config, you can uncomment it, you are warned, do not allow SSH to
your box with user root at all.


-Abdullah Ibn Hamad Al-Marri
Arab Portal
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