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>  On 29/05/07, n j <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > I am wanting to write a gui frontend to pkg_cutleaves.  I see that it is
> > > just a simple perl script so, it would be quite simple to just put a gtk
> > > frontend on it and call it a day.  However, I am starting to write a
> > > good amount of code in java and was wondering what others think about
> > > java as the de-facto gui standard on the BSD desktop.
> >
> > For what it's worth, I think Java should be far more present in the
> > FreeBSD at least as far as desktop is concerned and it's a good
> > alternative to Qt/Tk/Gtk for GUI applications. Java is a fine serious
> > programming language whose strongest selling point a long time ago
> > ceased to be "write once, run anywhere".
> >
>  I guess if everyone here on this list gives his/her two cents to this


>  topic we're having a nice java advocacy flame war. ;-)


>  Personally I never would install such a software title. I think Java
>  is dead slow and needs too much resources to perform a specific tasks,

Personnally I'm not a developper, I never write a software (more complex thant
«hello_world»). I'm sys-admin and I never see a GUI Java software run
correctly on all OS. Many commercial software have a GUI java installer, I
don't understand this thing. Because It really suck....To do just something
like «tar» and «chmod» we don't need a big thing like Java.

But on server side, event I don't like theem, the software like
Jakarta-Tomcat work fine. There need lots of lots of memory but they work.

IMHO if you write a gui frontend to FreeBSD I don't see the advantage to
use Java (For install jdk14/15 from source you need
linux/sun-jdk/lot_lot_of_memory). You can use something like python if you
want objet-programming. Or maybe Ruby.


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