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> On 26 Jan Lorin Lund wrote:
> > I have a static IP and a domain but I can't send e-mail out directly
> > because my ISP blocks it.  I need to send all my e-mail out through
> > ISP.  How do I tell sendmail to route all my mail out through my
> > mail server?
> The smarthost option does what you ask for.

> However, I don't get how your ISP can block *outgoing* connects of
> sendmail. Some isp's block incoming connects on 25.

*** FYI ***
FreeServe, Energis & Demon are doing just this.

I work in a company who supports a FreeBSD based Internet Appliance &
during the last fortnight, we have had to change the way a lot of our
customers send their email.

Previously being able to send through our servers (to have the emails
virus-scanned).  FreeServe made a policy decision, to block ALL port 25
traffic accross their network.  I believe their hand was forced by
Energis, but it would have been a good idea to mention it to their
customers!  Dial-up accounts are blocked from port 25 unless the
destination is their own SMTP server, (it has been made to look as if
the other servers are refusing connections.  ADSL accounts have the port
25 requests "forwarded" to the FreeServe SMPT server which is most
disconcerting when trying to diagnose!

I am informed that this kind of action is due to AOL getting uppety with
Demon & forcing them to restrict their network simliarly, due to AOL
customers being SPAMMED by mail that appears to originate from Demon

BT is doing similar to their dynamic IP customers...

Thought this might interest a few of you ;-)

Chris xx

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