On Sat, 26 May 2007 16:52:56 +0200

> pf and altq are enabled. My ISP allows 16kB/s upload and 128kB/s
> download. I want to use half of that. What should pf.conf contain, to
> limit my computer's upload and download speeds? I've tried:
> altq sk0 cbq bandwidth 1576Kb queue { lan, upload, download }
> queue lan bandwidth 1000Kb cbq(default)
> queue upload bandwidth 64Kb cbq
> queue download bandwidth 512Kb cbq
> block in all
> pass in quick on sk0 from queue lan
> pass in all on sk0 queue download
> block out all
> pass out quick on sk0 to queue lan
> pass out all on sk0 queue upload

AFAIK ALTQ only queues outgoing traffic, and 

   pass in quick on sk0 from queue lan 

means: send the packet to the lan queue if it's routed out via the
interface to which "queue lan" is attached, i.e. back out via sk0 -
which isn't going to happen. 
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