I've recently been attempting to tune NFS on machines in our office,
which mount /home from a single server. I've hit a sort of impasse, and
I don't know why my changes are making any difference to read/write

The situation: Our office has multiple Linux workstations. They can
write 256MB to a home directory (NFS mounted) in ~45 seconds when NFSv3 is
enabled, and write the same data in about ~1:30 when I force them to use
NFSv2. (I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that disk caching
does not befuddle these results, and not changed any other options on the
server or client side. Also, the NFS server is running Linux.)

When I force NFSv2 on our FreeBSD machines, it writes the data in about
~1:30. When I specify NFSv3, it writes 256MB in about ~1:40! Please note
that the settings on the server did not change, and I mimicked the Linux
clients' settings in FreeBSD.

Does anyone have any experience tuning NFS mounts on FreeBSD machines? 

Devin Heckman
System Administrator
RSSP-IT-NI, UC Berkeley

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