Michael Ritchie said:
> Not sure if this should be in -QUESTIONS or a report to VMware themselves,
> but when attempting to run FreeBSD 5 within VMware Workstation 3.2 on a
> Windows XP Pro host, the CPU usage sits at 100% -- whether there are any
> processes undertaking heavy processing or not.  The host PC is a 1.7GHz
> P4, with 512MB RAM, so there shouldn't be any problems.  It takes about 2
> minutes for 'man man' to bring up a page.  4.6.2 and 4.7 both work GREAT,
> even in X.
> Any thoughts on why this might be the case??

this is symtomatic of the guest OS(freebsd in this case) not having
advanced power management features enabled. Solaris/x86 on vmware
does the same thing, unfortunately solaris(last time I tried it on
vmware it was solaris 7) had _no_ power management features(e.g.
issue HLT instructions) so the host OS always sat at 100% cpu, even
if the guest OS was at 0% cpu usage.

if you do have power management turned on(I've never used freebsd 5)
then it may be a bug in vmware. I tend to lean towards the guest OS


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