On Tue, May 29, 2007 at 11:44:43PM +0200, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> >Hi, Guys!
> >
> >Can you tell me if anyone tried to run your OS for IA64 on
> >Intel's Dual cores or cor 2 duos?
> I don't know, but they would have failed: ia64 is for Itaniums.
> >I'm running Vista64 on D, started wondering if your OS will
> >do as well... or should I just try?
> You should use amd64 or i386 depending on your needs.

"Hmm, lots of people seem to be confused about the difference between
amd64 and ia64."

"Obviously they've never had an ia64 drop on their foot.  They'd know
the difference then."
                -- Peter Wemm explains CPU architecture

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