Agus wrote:
Hi all,
I got the following scenario. Freebsd with Apache22 and NFS. I want to
export the /usr/local/www/apache22/data/site so that the content of that
site can be modified from my personal machine.
The permissions on site/ are rwx for root and group webadm, and rx for

How can i do this? I am trying but im getting permission denied...while
trying to create a file...

NFS is insecure (No File Security) since there is no authentication. You get access with the user id of your current user.

When working with NFS make sure that you have the same users/groups with the same user id/group id on all machines.

One security measure is implemented though: root user on client is treated as nobody on the server. There is an option you can add to the exports file (forgot which), to override this see the exports manpage.

Also if you have a different solution for updating the site..they are

Unless you have problems with diskspace, why not just use rsync? Do it manually and you get time to correct blunders before they become public, or do it as a cronjob.

Cheers, Erik

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