I want to run fetchmail enabled for system wide mode.
The command line cmd fetchmail -q issued from user root gets meaningless
error msg.
Reviewing /usr/local/etc/rc.d/fetchmail has comments talking about system
wide mode running under user fetchmail.
How does the system admin control fetchmail when user fetchmail needs
password to logon and no where is password given during install.

Also /usr/local/etc/fetchmailrc which is suppose to be the config file is
empty. Even fetchmailrc.sample is empty.

The port pkg-message file is absent so there is no information describing
how to configure fetchmail in system-wide mode or individual user mode.
These are unique run modes to freebsd and are not covered in the fetchmail
manual. The port pkg-message file should be created with instructions about
how to configure it.

Before in 4.11 through 5.4 I started fetchmail using
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/fetchmail.sh and /root/,fetchmailrc and had root admin
control of fetchmail. How do I achieve admin control now that fetchmail has
been converted to use rc.conf fetchmail_enable="YES" to start at boot time?

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