At 05:53 PM 5/30/2007, Alex R wrote:
> 6.2-what?  You are probably running Release;  you don't have Stable unless
> you've updated source and re-compiled everything.  Stable is really a few

You're right.. And my fault for assuming Release/Stable meant the same thing.. My bad..

S'ok...  it's quite confusing.  I only grasped it in the last year or so.

So I need to 'stable' for DRI to work. If the issue with DRI on the i945 was fixed some time ago, as someone else suggested, why hasn't it been merged into 6.2-Release? Is there any patch to fix this for 6.2-RELEASE?

The release engineering philosophy seems to be that the actual "Release" versions are designed with stability and security foremost. The patches that come out are usually ONLY for security issues. Merges and enhancements to Release are, by definition, what Stable is. You just need to install the source, cvsup it, and rebuild everything. I put off messing with it for many years, and just put up with out of date systems; but it's really not as hairy as it sounds. See the handbook entry:

Also see the appendix entry for cvs release tags.


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