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> Since when did the port stop creating a link to /usr/bin/perl? I
> recall a discussion on ports about whether or not to keep creating
> the link, and IIRC the conclusion was that too many things break
> without the link.
> The latest mention of perl in UPDATING is from February last year.

I suggest you to use TeXLive instead of teTeX, since it's no longer
maintained as such. Please visit:


TeXLive comes with precompiled FreeBSD binaries, every package is
up-to-date, so it contains everything of teTeX and much much more.
Installation script is simple and great and will do everything for you.

AFAIK TeXLive will appear in ports tree in the future (see
freebsd-ports@ archive), but in meantime the original distribution from
TUG works flawlessly (I use it daily).

Nikola Lečić
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