I need to be able to distribute an FTP version of FreeBSD with some minor 

We have a standard set of customizations that we need to be able to dist out in 
cookie-cutter style to our production systems, and include:
- Custom /etc/motd
- Custom /etc/pf.conf
- Custom /etc/ssh/sshd_config
- Custom /etc/ttys
- Custom /boot/loader.conf (e.g. beastie_disable="YES")
- Remove 'toor' account
- Remove *GCC* from base, so no-one can compile anything. 

I have a FreeSBIE CD that I have set up to:
1) Boot a Live FreeBSD system, replete with PERL and a few other pkgs to allow 
(2) to work.
2) A PERL script that asks the boot user some info 
3) A modified sysinstall that asks for no input if the config file from the 
previos step is found, and reaches out to our FTP server.

I am finding that the source is checked out from ncvs each time, so all changes 
are not saved when I cd /usr/src/release && make release. I have specified the 
following with the 'make release': 

Any clues as to how I can assure that my changes are included? 

Note: As far as PKGs go, that I have figured out for additional ports/PKGs to 
add onto the BASE. It is the BASE distribution that is giving me a headache.

Pointers and suggestions welcome.


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