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No, by default, portupgrade runs pkg_create *before* installing the
newly built port, to create a backup of the old version in case
something goes wrong. Depending on the size of the old port (package),
this can take an appreciable amount of time, even on a fast system.
Packages are only built *after* installation if one explicitly tells
portupgrade to do so, via the "-p" or "--package" switches.

This is consistent with what I am observing, as the command output claims the package is installed, I then see a delay (minutes? on a dual core 2.4GHz system?) while pkg_create runs, and then cleanup happens.
The man page lists several package-related ENVIRONMENT variables, which
may or may not provide a means to disable some or all of this package
creation; I don't know for sure, as I've never tried changing or
unsetting them to see what may happen.  If you're curious, though, it
may be worth experimenting with, although I would certainly advise
against disabling the precautionary backup package creation before the
new port is successfully installed.

Thanks. I'll take a look there. I wasn't sure if something changes in how ports are done in the Moderne Age.
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