On Fri, 1 Jun 2007 12:34:11 +1000
Norberto Meijome <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> http://www.meijome.net/files/freebsd/test_hk_dl/fbsd_NL_test_from_au.cap
> the same file, which I uploaded to a FBSD in NL (as mentioned above). Ping 
> time
> is about 320 ms to this box from home. Probably as fast as I'd expect it to 
> be.

meaning, from home to this server. It can definitely push more than this.

> I know I can transfer about up of 8 Mbps between the USA and NL hosts, so
> that test is not going to prove anything more.

meaning : testing between US host and NL host isn't going to prove anything
more than it works as expected.

/me needs more coffee...

oopss :)
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