Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
> [Format recovered--see]
> Computer output unfolded.
> On Thursday, 31 May 2007 at 19:32:49 +0200, Hans Nieser wrote:
>> I've been trying occasionally the past few weeks to compile MythTV, but it
>> keeps failing. I have an updated ports tree. Does anyone know if this is a
>> known problem, or how to fix it?
> This is probably better addressed to FreeBSD-questions.  I'm copying
> that list and copying multimedia@ (the original mailing list) as Bcc.
>> g++ -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib  -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib -pthread -o 
>> mythcommflag main.o mmDetector2.o  pgm.o  EdgeDetector.o  
>> CannyEdgeDetector.o  PGMConverter.o  BorderDetector. omEventRelayer.o  
>> moc_CommDetectorBase.o  moc_LogoDetectorBase.o 
>> moc_SceneChangeDetectorBlibavcodec -L../../libs/libavformat 
>> -L../../libs/libmythfreemheg -L../../libs/libmythui -L hupnp-0.20 
>> -lmythlivemedia-0.20 -lmyth-0.20 -lmythui-0.20 -lfreetype -lmp3lame 
>> -L/usr/loca
>> main.o(.text+0x1f9c): In function `FlagCommercials(QString, QString)': 
>> /usr/ports/multimedia/mythtv/work/mythtv-fixes-0.20-13053/programs/mythcommflag/main.cpp:4
>> *** Error code 1
> OK, I've tried to reconstitute the output you quoted, but it looks as
> if you have truncated the lines.  In particular, the important part of
> the last line seems to be missing.
> At first sight, this did look like a problem I've seen, but it's
> difficult to say.  What do you have in /var/db/ports/mythtv/options?
> What revision of the port are you compiling (i.e. what is PORTREVISION
> in the Makefile)?  What version of FreeBSD are you running?

Yeah I was puzzled by what seems to be a truncated error message as well
but this really seems to be all I was getting. The contents of the options
file are:

# This file is auto-generated by 'make config'.
# No user-servicable parts inside!
# Options for mythtv-0.20

The portrevision is 2 ("PORTVERSION=    0.20"
and "PORTREVISION=   2" in the Makefile).

I'm running 6.1-RELEASE-p6

I'll try to recompile it again and make sure I did in fact copy paste the
error correctly (I did resize my terminal window so maybe it somehow
screwed up and truncated the lines or something)
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