I'm teaching the Open Source Unix certification track at NJIT (using
FreeBSD 6.2) to a group of physically challenged students.  Some of my
current students have extremely low vision and I have several candidates
for the next rotation of the classes that have similar low-vision
problems or are completely sightless.

I need to know if an audio solution exists (in hardware or software)
that will speak monitor output.  I need something that will work
independently of X windows.  I've tried using gnopernicus in both KDE
and Gnome and I've never gotten  its audio component to work. I can turn
on KDE's talking tools, but it only speaks commands and entered text in
specific applications (like Koffice).  I need a screen reader that will
speak the entire screen (and terminal windows).

I haven't found a software solution that addresses all the needs of a
spoken command line environment so I'm looking for a hardware solution
(appliance or device) that will speak the screen, but I haven't found
one, yet.

One of my students was an employee of AT&T in their Unix division in NJ
and is considering a job-offer from a consultant who will need him to
administer servers using WebMin and a command line environment, but
screen readers such as JAWS that work under Windows, do a poor job of
interpreting WebMin and will not read the I/O from a terminal window
created by Putty.  So, in addtion to needing something that will speak
console I/O, I need something that will properly interpret a Webmin
environment.  One portion of the course does teach using Lynx as a
browser and Webmin (if one uses the simplest theme) will work in that

Any ideas, experiences, or recommendations that you have to share would
be very much appreciated.

Tim Kellers

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