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Does anyone know how to DISABLE the Trash thing in KDE? I'm not a
newbie, and I am decisive about deleting files. I don't need an
annoying 'you can never be sure' functionality. rm -r for life!

// i've seen hacks like chmod 000 .trash, not my choice

KDE Control Center/File Manager/Behavior/Ask Confirmation For - uncheck

That's just a confirmation. I prefer to press DEL, then ENTER to delete a
file, SHIFT+DEL isn't so good. Disabling a confirmation does not disable
the Trash thing. You accidentally forget to press SHIFT with DEL, and KDE
starts moving a 12GB file from one partition to my home partition (oh and
it has a 1G capacity). The hack disables writing to the Trash.

How to disable the Move to Trash capability?

That seems a bit different question than your original one.

KDE Control Center/File Manager/Behavior/Show 'Delete' context entries which bypass the trashcan?

rm .trash; ln -s /dev/null .trash?

Misunderstood. Ultimately I want to patch KDE, so that the word trash has no meaning, such as removing the trash:/ location, and so on. Just to give a feeling that I'm in control of my machine. I hate crappy software, or parts of good software that are crap (useless in this case).

I said I wasn't a newbie: I had spent a considerable time to go through all settings. Everything is tweaked to my liking (only as much as possible).

Hmm, good hack. Unfortunately, .trash isn't real, trash.desktop is a 'KDE link' to the KDE trash:/ location, if I'm right. I'll try anyway.

THX, btw.
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