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Written by Thanos Rizoulis on 06/01/07 15:57>>
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The order in rc.conf makes no difference, the order of rc file execution is determined by rcorder(8).

It is nice to learn a new thing every day, thank you!

So this goes deeper than I originally thought. Looking at my /usr/local/etc/rc.d/samba I see that:

# PROVIDE: nmbd smbd
# KEYWORD: shutdown probably some of the services in the REQUIRE line are slow to start for our friends' machines and samba detects this and exits with Signal 6. This is well beyond my skills already. I am merely speculating here, someone with greater experience should probably look into this.

I'd suggest adding 'cupsd' to the 'REQUIRE' list. This will ensure that cupsd i started prior to samba.
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I dont think that it is related to cupsd, the reason i say this is that i have the exact same problem, but my samba was built *without* cups.

I havnt touched my rc.conf since it was put in place a few months ago (when it worked fine), so something have changed in samba or something is broken in samba which is causing these problems ? i'm not running the most current version, currently 6.2-RELEASE-p3, but samba is the latest version (samba-3.0.25,1)

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