On Friday June 01, 2007 at 06:23:16 (PM) Grant wrote:

> I dont think that it is related to cupsd, the reason i say this is that 
> i have the exact same problem, but my samba was built *without* cups.
> I havnt touched my rc.conf since it was put in place a few months ago 
> (when it worked fine), so something have changed in samba or something 
> is broken in samba which is causing these problems ? i'm not running the 
> most current version, currently 6.2-RELEASE-p3, but samba is the latest 
> version (samba-3.0.25,1)

The current version is 6.2-Release-p5 I believe.

I read something in the Samba forum about problems updating Samba and
FreeBSD. It seems that in certain situations the only approach that is
guaranteed to work is:

1) Stopping Samba
2) Using pkg_delete to remove Samba
3) Reinstalling Samba
4) Reboot the system

If nothing else works, you might give that a try. Be sure that all
dependencies are updated as well. If you use 'portupgrade' or
'portmanager' that is relatively easy to do.

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