On 28/05/07, Robert Huff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Roland Smith writes:

>  > > Note you do not back up the swap partition which is normally 'b'
>  > > and don't do anything to the 'c' partition which is there only to
>  > > describe the slice to the system and is not a true partition.
>  > > You can probably skip backing up your /tmp also.
>  >
>  >  What about /dev and /var?
>  I'd backup /var, because it's usually small. And it also contains
>  important things like your port options, and the database of
>  installed packages.

        While everyone needs to e aware of their own circumstances
... most of /var _can_ be rebuilt with varying degrees of effort.

Thanks to a dying disk, I lost /var/db/pkg/,
and it is a fairly major pain to recreate.  In
essence, you have to reinstall everything
under /usr/local, though portupgrade was
reasonably helpful in that regard.

95% of /var/log/ can be safely lost, but ask
which 5% to keep and you'll get a shrug.

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