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> I'm trying to get wine to run an application under FreeBSD that I've been told
> works great using wine under Linux ... the more I'm trying to dig into this,
> the more stuck in mud I'm feeling ... the latest release of wine won't even 
> run
> on FreeBSD without crashing ...

> According to the Wine folks, its a "problem in FreeBSD" ... the problem is 
> that
> I don't know enough about it to know if that's just a cop-out, or is Wine
> really "too linux-y" to run under FreeBSD?

> One of the bug reports on their web site:


Strange, there are occasionally applications that i can't run, but
otherwise i had no problems with WINE on FreeBSD...

Care to post the WINE log (when you start the app from the console
'wine PE.exe')?

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