> I did just think of another thing I could do. What if I create a new
> directory on the server, and move all configuration files from their
> original location to this directory. I then make then make it into an
> svn working directory, and in place of the original files put symlinks
> that point to the corresponding file in the working directory. This
> would mean that I no longer have .svn directories all over the file
> system, there is just one working directory that is separate from
> everything else. Instead of an export operation I could have the hook
> script do an update, and this would also give me a rather simple way
> of editing the files locally on the server (plus it has the advantage
> of quick access to all important files without having to constantly
> move from /etc to /usr/local/etc).
> Does this seem like a decent idea to try and do? Might some software
> have a problem with its configuration file being a symlink to some
> other location?
Sorry for my previous top-posting.
Will a chrooted named work if you make files in /var/named/etc/namedb/
symlinks to the working directory ?


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