At 11:59 AM 6/2/2007, Christopher Hilton wrote:
..... All of these machines are older Pentium III 1GHz single or dual CPU class machines. ...... I'd like to go to Gig E to improve performance for a hand full of clients on the local LAN and to move critical data out of the DMZ. Eventually I plan to replace the current generation of servers with something more modern like HP DL360 G5 and DL380 G5 hardware. Based on that, if my assumptions are correct then the 64bit Intel Hardware seems to be the way to go.

The disk bandwidth on your current servers is going to probably be the bottleneck. Highest I've been able to shoot over the wire is 33MB/s with similar hardware. Probably just by the inexpensive 32bit PCI cards now. You next gen' of machines will probably take PCI-E cards, not 64bit PCI-X.


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