Jim Capozzoli wrote:
Hello list,

I have 3 monitors and 3 video cards.  However, one videocard and
monitor isn't very "X11 friendly." (X11 barely starts on it).  I was
wondering if it would be possible to have X11 running on two of the
monitors, and then have a full screen console (like a ttyv0) on the
third monitor (so I could constantly leave top or something sweet
running on there :D).  This is all with FreeBSD 6.2/i386 and Xorg 6.9
or 7.2.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

It should do "do-able", perhaps somewhat easily.  /usr/ports/x11-servers/x2x
is what comes to mind --- IIRC, Greg "groggy" Lehey of "The Complete
FreeBSD" fame uses this for several displays, and has notes on his setup
in her personal pages at www.lemis.com.


Kevin Kinsey
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