What is the bandwidth of your upstream? if it is not more than 155M, my 
experience desktop GigE is fine for you.
  Between DMZ and the Local LAN, you can consider the 64 bit cards if you have 
high volume of data transfer. but 32 bit cards is enough.
  For the hardware, I am using "CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz  with 2G 
memory. Don't need the modern hardware if you don't have many applications 
running and just use it as routing
  Thank you

Christopher Hilton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  chloe K wrote:
> intel desktop GigE (32 bits) around 380M
> intel server GigE (64 bits) around 800M - 900M

While this may seem obvious I'm gonna ask it anyway. I'm being pedantic 
here and assuming:

The performance numbers are best case MBytes per second;

That the 64bit card is in a 64bit slot;

That the 64bit card in a 32bit slot would give similar performance 
to the 32 bit card.

A little information about my situation is probably in order. I have a 
DMZ with FreeBSD box acting as a NAS (samba/dav/nfs fileshare); a 
postgresql database server; a mysql database server; and an apache 
webserver; and a postfix mail server. All of these machines are older 
Pentium III 1GHz single or dual CPU class machines. It's more than 
enough performance for the bulk of my clients which are bottlenecked by 
their connection over the internet. I'd like to go to Gig E to improve 
performance for a hand full of clients on the local LAN and to move 
critical data out of the DMZ. Eventually I plan to replace the current 
generation of servers with something more modern like HP DL360 G5 and 
DL380 G5 hardware.

Based on that, if my assumptions are correct then the 64bit Intel 
Hardware seems to be the way to go.

-- Chris

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