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Hi there, new installation, 6.2-STABLE.

I have a Belkin UPS on COM1 and sysutils/nut is trying to talk with it.
 I know it talks with it, because it has in the past.  The problem I'm
getting is that NUT is just filling the screen with errors, tty
overflows, and various problems related to communication on that port
with the UPS.

Looking at NUT's website, they say the UPS communicates at 2400 baud
8N1 and I'd like to believe that.  I tested without specifying a speed:
# tip com1
and didn't get anything..  waited 30 seconds or so.  After reading
NUT's website, I tried:
# tip -2400 com1
and got binary data (not readable information, but data none-the-less).

The kernel reports the port as sio0, but sio0 doesn't exist in /dev
the only serial port I see is cuad0{,.init,.lock} and that seems to be
hard-coded by some init script (but I don't know where).  cuad* also is
said to be a dialout line, not a generic com device.  /etc/remote does
indicate it is a generic device in the sense it will just pass

How can I configure /dev/cuad0 to be 2400 baud fixed?

thanks for any tips and pointers....it's been a while since I've dealt
with serial ports.


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