On 03/06/2007, at 10:26 AM, Richard Tobin wrote:

Does FreeBSD run well on the Mac Mini (x86)? I'm considering getting one to use for both MacOS and FreeBSD (booting from an external disk,
if that's reasonable).

Yep, it works fine.  I used boot camp to create a small boot
partition on the internal drive, and it loads everything else from an
external USB drive.

Thanks.  A few more questions:

 - Any reason to prefer USB over Firewire?

No, it's just what I had.

 - Do you have to use a boot partition on the internal disk?  Can
   FreeBSD boot from external USB or Firewire?

I am not sure. From what I understand, intel macs can boot from either USB or Firewire provided that they are partition using GPT. I used a boot partition on the external disk because I couldn't get it to work, and didn't care to spend much time on it.

 - Which release of FreeBSD are you using?


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