Hi peeps,

on my amd64 system which I just upgraded to 6.2 (from 6.1) I wanted to upgrade 
my ports ass well. Looking into the /usr/ports/UPDATING file I saw the 
following announcement:

  AFFECTS: users of print/ghostscript-*

  The default ghostscript port is changed from ghostscript-gnu to
  ghostscript-gpl. To upgrade

  portupgrade -o print/ghostscript-gpl ghostscript-gnu
  portmaster -o print/ghostscript-gpl ghostscript-gnu

  If you want to use the ghostscript-gnu as default, put
  WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU=yes in your make.conf.

I tried to upgrade this port with the recommended command:
portupgrade -o print/ghostscript-gpl ghostscript-gnu

But the result is that nothing happens and my ghostscript-gnu port is still 

$ pkg_info | grep ghost
ggv-2.12.0_1        GNOME 2 ghostscript viewer
ghostscript-gnu-7.07_16 GNU Postscript interpreter

What did I miss?

Thnaks in advanced

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