On 31 May Matthew Herzog wrote:
>  share -F nfs  -o rw=spark -d "generic" /export/home/mush
>     /mnt/share     nfs    0     0

As said it's a uid/gid mismatch. Check your "spark" group on both ends
and make sure the uid/gid's are the same.
Quick check: -o rw (without the spark) ; "svcadm restart net/nfs" on the
solaris box and check.

>  In fact I can't even cd into /mnt/share as root on FreeBSD.

That's normal. I can't on solaris too. Root has no access and that's a
good thing. If you want access as root you can add 'root' to the group
that has access. But a "su user" is better and safer.

>  Changinf the dir's permissions to 0777 on Solaris does "fix" the
>  problem but . . . it's not a solution.

It's not done. So don't ;-)
You don't have to change the NFS version though. v4 is OK.

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