Chad Perrin wrote:
Someone I know tried installing Slackware on a Thinkpad R52 to create a
triple-boot system (MS Windows and FreeBSD 6.2 as the other two, already
present on the system).  The Slackware install didn't get very far (the
installer is less than helpful -- wouldn't recognize a swap partition at
all), but apparently it got far enough to break the FreeBSD install.

Any tips, hints, and suggestions about how exactly to go about fixing
the FreeBSD install (without overwriting the home partition and losing
the installed system configuration to minimize time lost getting things
back to "normal") would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
Go to, get and install the bootloader, boot up FreeBSD, login as root, run boot0cfg -B /dev/{drive_node} and reboot. Fixed (as long as the user didn't seriously hose the system).
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